Bryan F. Fox & Company

Welcome to Bryan F. Fox & Company Lawyers, Dublin, Ireland 

This is a result driven practice providing expert quality legal advice both nationally and internationally since 1978. 

Our aim is to deliver exceptional service by providing practical and relevant guidance together with innovative proposals as to how we can best assist clients deal with their legal problems. 

We are experienced Solicitors specialising in all forms of litigation and focusing particularly on obtaining compensation and/or maximum recoveries in respect of: 

1. All road accidents, workplace injuries, slip and trips etc etc 

2. Defamation (libel/slander) 

3. Medical or other professional negligence 

4. Debt recovery 

5. Family law 

6. Employment law 

7. Luas Works

8. Tracker Mortgages

9. Conveyancing/Probate matters including wills 

10. Injunctions 

11. Judicial reviews 

12. Asbestos exposure

 In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or charges as a 

percentage or proportion of any award or settlement (reg 8 of SI 578/2004) 

All enquiries are welcome and without obligation. 

It will cost you nothing to ascertain if we can assist you. (Ts & Cs apply). 

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