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Few people escape personal injury throughout their life.
If your injury was not your fault then you may well be entitled to compensation (or damages) for your pain and suffering.

What injuries can I claim for?

  1. Accidents at work (occupational injuries)
  2. Accidents in public areas such as public transport, supermarkets & hospitals.
  3. Medical or dental negligence or the use of defective products (not fit for purpose).
  4. Fatal Injury claims which arise where a wrongful death occurs and the deceased’s family wish to take legal action.
  5. Children frequently sustain personal injuries and they are entitled to claim through their parent (or next friend).

Why choose Bryan F. Fox & Company?

We’re litigation specialists for over 38 years in Ireland. We have a full team of Barristers, Engineers, Actuaries and Accountants available to assist your claim. We have successfully conducted claims under all of these headings and many, many more besides.

To discuss your claim please call us on +353 (0) 1 838 6175 or using the “Contact Us” form here.


Personal Injury