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Mortgage Repossession

Further to our advertisement in the Sunday Independent March 9th we are delighted to offer a real prospect of hope and relief for those whose property (own residential/ buy to let /commercial) has been repossessed and sold off by a bank or receiver at a “fire sale” price and who are being pursued for the residual liability (the amount of the difference between the sum borrowed and the price realised at the sale) and where the bank has “securitised” this sum by selling off its loan book to a third party (usually a special purpose vehicle) for a substantially discounted sum leaving that third party to pursue the full amount due to the bank from the borrower.

Having investigated the position in considerable depth it seems to us that many borrowers in this position may [in due course] be entitled to compensation if their properties were sold at “fire sale” values by the Bank/Receiver.

If you feel you fall into this category please follow the next steps closely:

Next Steps:

1. Immediately complete Form 1

2. We will then send you Form 2

3. Complete form 2 & return to us with the copy (not original) documentation requested.

4. We will evaluate whether or not we can assist you. This could take 8/10 weeks from receipt of Form 2.

* You will incur no liability for any costs or charges up to that point. Any liability for costs later will be notified to you in advance and you will be afforded the opportunity of declining to proceed further without charge at such later stage should you so wish.

We take this opportunity of welcoming your contacting us and look forward to being of service to you.

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