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Family Law

We understand the many difficulties and considerations faced by clients in this area.
Our dedicated team can provide all assistance and advice required in dealing with;
> Judicial Separation/ Separation Agreements
> Divorce
> Pension Adjustment Orders
> Maintenance applications
> Guardianship, Access on Custody
> Co-habitation Agreements
> Succession Rights on Death

To achieve positive results we work closely with our clients and
provide all advice, guidance and support needed throughout each stage of the process. Get in touch today to find out how we can best assist you.

Family law requires a balance between the need to manage client's expectations, and understanding the client's needs while at all times seeking to find solutions in a practical and non-confrontational environment whenever possible.
While family law can be an emotive and, at times, a complicated process it requires a professional approach at all times.
We always encourage our clients to find a solution to their marital difficulties if at all possible in ease of themselves and their children, and to reduce costs.

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(Legal Aid not undertaken).