Bryan F. Fox & Company

Our History

    1. Established in 1978, we made Legal history as the first firm in the Common Law world to obtain damages including exemplary or
      aggravated damages for those fearful following asbestos exposure.
    1. This firm was the first to obtain a worldwide freezing order (Mareva Injunction),   preventing a major European bank operating, as it owed our client IR£12.6 million.
    1. We have also successfully recovered large sums for long stay patients, their relatives and estates for residential care fees wrongly charged under the Health Acts including many who were refused under the subsequent Compensation Scheme.
    1. Other successful results include a Family Law trial/settlement in excess of €11 million, as well as multiple six-figure breach of contract awards/settlements.
  1. We have also had 100% success in respect of all clients who sustained damage from the LUAS works on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.